Month: April 2017


Remodeling your bathroom can be very expensive because of the materials and the things that you need in doing it. But, if you need to do it, there are ways that you can do in order to avoid spending too much in this.


You can do this by following these tips and tricks that we are going to show to you. Keep on reading to be more informed about this.


Make sure that before you proceed, you must have everything you need at your house. Before you even try to hammer anything or touch something, be sure that the things you have ordered are already in your home. Wait patiently because these things might take a long time before they can arrive on your doorstep. You need to do this so that you can adjust your work and move some things in order for the new items to fit in to the specific place where you want it to be.

Other contractors are only limited to a few designs and even the stores only have a little selection for you and your bathroom, they also take seven weeks of delivery so you might think about looking at other sources for your bathroom. There are free-lace suppliers that can offer you a wide variety of selections. They have many colors and sizes according to your choosing. They can also cut it for you just to fit your request for a certain place in your bathroom. They are also very affordable unlike those bigger companies.

Searching online is also a great help for you if you want to be exposed to many more designs with just lower and affordable prices. For sure, they will asking for pictures on your bathroom so that they will be able to find the right items that you can put inside it that will surely fit and you will not have a problem in making it fit.

Do not settle for cheap plastic wears for your shower room storage because they will not be durable and you will end up spending more money because you will be buying more and more as time passes by. Also, they might ruin the entire look of your new bathroom. There are affordable and durable storages that you buy in stores and it will surely last you a lifetime plus it will look great on your new bathroom. You can even build your own storage and you can put in tiles in order for it to look better. Plus, it will be in place and you will not worry about dropping your conditioner if you suddenly bump with it.

You can also add accent tiles in creating the new look of your bathroom. You can use only a small quantity of accent tiles and it will already look sassy! Be sure to pick the right accent tiles that will match the entire design of your bathroom.

Lighting is the most left out element in the bathroom. People tend to underestimate the power of lighting. If you plan to make your bathroom more beautiful, then make sure that your light fixtures are updated.



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There are different kinds of drywall and you need to determine the right one for your place. You will also need to identify the size of the area to know how many sheets of drywall will you need for it. A lot of stores that sells drywall will be able to deliver the product directly in your home so that you will not be renting a truck for it reach your home because it is very long in its length. Also, if you are planning to install it, you can also rent the tools that you are going to need so that you will be able to save more money.


There are three steps that you need to know if you like install drywall into your home. Follow through our list so that you will know what to do in your home given this circumstances.


Lay your drywall sheets on a flat and dry surface so that any obstacle will not affect how it look and its quality. A pencil comes in handy when you are going to measure the length that you will need for a specific place. Be sure to have a T-square as your guide while you are cutting the drywall and of course, your saw must be sharp enough to not have grungy sides. This methods will let you have a few mistakes as well and of course resulting to save more money.


You should tape and sand your drywall and you should be good to go. What you are going to need are three different layers of mud, many many sandpaper and a layer of a drywall tape. You do the spreading of the joint compound into the seam that you are working on and you need a finishing knife that is 6 inches long in order to perfect that part of the finishing. Next, you should tape the joints of the drywall securely and make sure that you do not miss out any places and you will not worry about its durability because the mud that is applied to it will hold it together and make it strong. The block coat or the second coat of the mud should be applied again using the same finishing knife that you used for the other step. Make sure that you do not use more than what is enough, it only needs a few for it to hold together. Then we arrive to the skim coat or the final coat of your mud. A finishing knife should still be used but make sure that you are using the 12 inch one in applying the final coat of the mud. Make sure that you are not in a hurry while applying this coat because your only goal for this last coat is to make it smooth to the surface level, thus, you need to take time to apply it carefully.


Allow the mud to set for about a day or 24 hours. This is what we call the waiting game. After which, you can use a pole sander and a sandpaper of 120 grit in order to sand the mud that you have applied earlier and make sure that you are not seeing any tape of mud that is not pleasing to the yes. Wear your helpful mask and goggles while you are doing this.


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